1/350 HMCS Huron Tribal Class Destroyer W/Aust Decals

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This is a kit of a Tribal Class Destroyer. This class was built by both the British and Australian Navy. The kit includes decals for either a British or Australian version of this ship.

The Tribal Class Destroyers built in Australia were based on their British counterparts design, save that X Turret was a Twin 4 Inch in lieu of the 4.7 Inch Turret mounted in the Royal Navy Ships. Original plans were for a total of 8 Tribal Class to be constructed at Australian Naval Dockyards. Only three of these were to be completed, HMA Ships
Arunta, Bataan and Warramunga. Cockatoo Island Dockyard was the birthplace of these three 'super' destroyers.

These ships were quite powerful for their size, able to reach speeds of up to 36 knots, shipping 6x4.7 Inch and 2x4 Inch Gun Turrets, they were to provide substantial anti ship, air and submarine capabilities. They were seen as a good substitute for Cruisers on convoy escort work.

Towards the end of the war in 1945 both Arunta and Warramunga exchanged their 6x20mm Oerlikons for 6x40mm Bofors (all single mountings), plus four 2 pounder Pom Poms.

Arunta and Warramunga carried out many varied duties in WW2 including escort and naval guinfire support roles. In 1945 Bataan was one of nine RAN Ships that attended the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. (USS Missouri).

HMA Ships Bataan and Warramunga also saw active service during the Korean War in the 1950's. During this period Arunta and Warramunga were converted to Anti-Submarine Destroyers (in a limited fashion) from 1950 until November 1952. These changes included new masts and radar. Reomal of Y Turret, replaced by 3 barrelled Squid Anti Submarine Mortar. The old Pom Pom Amidships was replaced with a Twin 40/60 Mounting.

HMCS HURON served Canada honourably during the latter part of the Second World War. Commissioned 19th July 1943, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, she was assigned like HAIDA to the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla of the British Home Fleet.
As part of Operation Holder, she made a trip in October of 1943 to Murmansk with technical personnel and special naval stores. For the rest of the year, HURON escorted convoys to and from North Russia. In February 1944, after one more trip to Murmansk, she joined the 10th Flotilla for pre-invasion duties spending the next seven months in the Channel. On April 25/26 1944, HURON was involved in a 'scrap' with German Elbing class destroyers in the English Channel. After the action, she and ASHANTI collided and the results damaged HURON's port hull and the main bulkhead between #1 and #2 boiler rooms.HURON managed to return safely to Plymouth and repairs were completed on 7th May, just in time for D-Day operations. HURON arrived in Nova Scotia for a refit on 13th of August 1944. It was completed and her sea trials were over by 20th November. She arrived at Cardiff for new radar and target indication equipment. During February and March 1945, she was assigned to escort duties in the Western Approaches. In April, HURON, HAIDA and IROQUOIS escorted their last convoy to Russia. After sharing in the liberation of Scandinavia, all three returned to Halifax in preparation for service in the Pacific. Their refits were suspended in August and HURON was placed in reserve. She was paid off  9th March 1946.


Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in light gray
Detailed hull
Photo-etched parts
Display stand included
Waterslide decals
Illustrated instructions


Scale: 1/350
Length: 12.92 (328.3mm)
Beam: .62 (15.9mm)
Parts: 260+

Barcode # 9580208053332
Brand Trumpeter

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