Volantex RC - Sport Cub 500 RTF

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Sports Cub 500

We were so excited with this little Cub! Learning to fly has never been this affordable or easy.

This little Volantex RC Sport Cub has features to help any beginner fly with confidence and is then capable of flips, rolls and more when you get more confident;

  • INTEGRATED GYRO EASY TO CONTROL: 6-axis gyro ultra stable self stabilization of gyro system. Powerful over-grade motor system and 4 channel allow easy controlling to do aerobatic flying.
  • BEGINNERS' FIRST RC AIRPLANE TRAINER: 3-level flight control assists (Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly step by step.
  • GREAT AIRPLANE FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: 2.4Ghz Radio Control distance of over 1312 ft, the strong anti jamming capability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends.
  • ONE-KEY AEROBATIC: This function includes “flip” and “roll”, means that the airplane can do aerobatic automatically in two direction if you control it in beginner mode, just need to click the aerobatic button and then turn the right stick up to max position or down to min position. Everyone could enjoy the aerobatic flight even if he/she is a new pilots.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLY READY TO FLY: Fully assembly to get the plane take off within 1 minutes out of box. Portable package to go with you everywhere.
SKU VT7614
Brand Volantex

Best Beginner Plane for Park Flyers

2 September 2021
After seeing rave reviews on YouTube about this aircraft, I took the plunge as a relatively new RC Pilot and grabbed this inexpensive little gem. It is very light but solidly built and the beginner mode with gyro is attractive to new flyers. It did not disappoint! I took this to a football field on a calm day and started in beginner mode. The sensitivity and range of control surfaces is quite good and nothing needed much adjustment out of the box. If anything, the elevator might need adjustment to allow more range in the axis, which is easily achieved by adjusting rod position on the elevator horn. With full throttle, the power to weight ratio is high and the plane is speedy for a beginner. With hands off controls, the plane holds straight and level flight in calm conditions. Some elevator trim or throttle control might be needed to maintain altitude as it wants to climb a little, especially into the wind. The aircraft is incredibly stable and easy to fly. I have a small amount of RC flight experience (a lot on flight sims) but first flight resulted in zero crashes and two successful landings. Landing upwind into the smallest of breezes means you can cut throttle a few metres off the ground and the gyro will keep it level as it glides to touchdown. The intermediate mode gives you a bit more control, and the expert mode disables the gyro so you are on your own. The Aerobatic button worked fine but ensure you have sufficient altitude (at least 10-15m) for a loop, and a roll needs a little more height to achieve and avoid the dirt. Overall, I must say the YouTube reviews are not wrong. A fantastic aircraft at a budget price for those looking to dip their toes into the RC flying pond.

Sport cub RTF

6 August 2021
Great little trainer very easy to fly and surprisingly tough. Couldn't ask for more at this price point.

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