AFV CLUB - 1/35 M113A1 LRV Plastic model kit

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This kit from AFV Club models the iconic Australian armoured personnel carrier in great detail. 

The Australian Army has operated M113 armoured personnel carriers since 1964 and included nine different variants. 

In Australian service, the M113 has equipped armoured transport and reconnaissance units as well as mechanised infantry formations. It has also been used as a support vehicle by many other units. The type played an important role in Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War and as part of peacekeeping missions in Somalia during 1993 and Rwanda between 1994 and 1995. Larger numbers of M113s operated in East Timor from 1999 to 2002 and 2006 to 2008.

This kit includes a T50 turret fitted to the vehicle as it was selected as the standard turret for Australian M113s. The Australian army began trials of the turret and it was approved for service in late 1966 prior to appearing in combat operations in South Vietnam in August 1968. Almost all of the Australian Army's M113A1s were eventually fitted with these turrets. The turret was initially armed with two L3A3 machine guns (an improved version of the M1919A4), but some were later fitted with a M2 Browning and a M1919A3. To free up space, the right-hand side L3A3 machine gun was removed from all the T50 turrets in South Vietnam by early 1970; these guns were instead fitted to the roof of the turret using a pintle mount. Fitting the machine gun on the turret roof also allowed it to be quickly brought to bear on targets, though the commander lacked armoured protection while using the weapon. The Australian Army is one of only two M113 operators to have fitted turrets to the type.

SKU AFV35291
Brand AFV Club

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