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Choosing Radio Control Cars

20 October 2017

Choosing Radio Control Cars

What Are Radio Control Cars?

RC cars (which stands for radio control) are model cars and trucks powered by either electric or petrol motors, controlled remotely by a transmitter.

RC cars can be powered by a variety of methods. Most cars are electric and are powered by small electric motors (either brushed or brushless type) and rechargeable batteries with nickel metal hydride or lithium batteries. Larger RC cars are powered by either gasoline 2-stroke mixed fuel or a mix of methanol, nitro methane and oil. These models are ignited by using a glowplug and a pull start mechanism. These are small internal combustion engines that are more difficult for the amatuer hobbyist to work with as they require maintenance, tuning and frequent cleaning.

Both on-road and off-road RC vehicles are available, in either electric or petrol powered formats. The off-road models of RC vehicles have complex suspensions meant for an aggressive ability to navigate rough terrain, and have a wide variety of tire options for selection. Cars meant for the pavement are usually limited by their suspension and are optimized for speed rather than terrain.

While advanced radio control models used to require a decent level of expertise in order to assemble and run, recently RTR (ready to run) models have become more popular from manufacturers. RC vehicles of this type do not require the same complicated level of assembly as kits. In most cases the bodies of these cars are already painted from the factory, the radio equipment is fully installed and the car itself is assembled.

Can't Decide? Some RC Car Types to Consider.

Here are some of our favorite RC models, in a variety of formats and models that will suit just what you need. They range from beginner pre-constructed models, to kits that require some level of assembly before use.

Monster trucks have always proven popular as they are the king of the off-road. Big, fast and offering unrelenting power, monster trucks go anywhere and fast!

Stadium trucks offer speed, stability and some off road ability. Featuring longer suspension arms and longer shock absorbers, stadium trucks are a good cross over vehicle from road to track.

Buggies have proven to be the fastest performer on streets, driveways and clay tracks worldwide. Light, nimble and fast, what they lack in off road ability, they make up for in straight line speed.

Truggies are born of the the desire for monster truck size vs a buggies high speed. Big wheels and body like a truck yet speeds similar to some 2WD buggies, Truggies are the backyard bashers choice as they go almost anywhere at speed with the durability to survive.

Crawlers have evolved from the desire for enthusiasts to replicate their real full size 4WD vehicles. Slower than a traditional remote control vehicle, crawlers are designed to crawl up and over terrain at scale speeds and replicate your favourite daily drive.

On road racers have evolved into a totally new racing style in recent years. Now with the popularity of drift racing, traditional on road touring cars are transformed into drifters designed to race using a controlled slide around a race track. Drift cars use specially designed drift wheels and tyres to achieve the drift angle as the car uses oversteer and power to glide around a corner.

One of the popular styles of late is the rock racer. With oversized rims and tyres, this style of car resembles a buggy designed with the added advantage of longer suspension travel for rough terrain and larger wheels for all purpose action.

As always, we hope you’ll find the exact RC car model you’re looking for. We’re sure one of our dozens of options will be the perfect car for you. Let us know if you’ve got any questions and we’ll do our best to help you find the vehicle you need.



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