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Getting Started With Model Kits

21 October 2017

Getting Started With Model Kits

What Are Model Kits?

Model kits have been a crucial part of many childhoods, and the nostalgia of kit building has stuck with many over the years. But what are they exactly?

A model is usually made from plastic preformed pieces manufactured as a kit, assembled by enthusiasts and intended for display. A plastic model kit can be modeled on a wide range of subjects, but most are of vehicles (either military or civilian) like airplanes, helicopters, tanks, cars, and other machines. Kits vary in difficulty, from kits that only require being snapped together, to advanced kits that require special tools, paints, and adhesives instead of assembling straight from the box.

Most plastic model kits come in a certain scale, like 1/72 or 1/32 of the actual size. The purpose of these scales are to allow models to be sized small, while being consistent with other models in the case of a collection. 

What Do You Need To Build A Model Kit?

Originally, the first plastic models were injection-molded cellulose acetate, but in today’s modeling world most plastic kits are molded with polystyrene. The adhesive used is normally solvent-based, but other glues such as epoxy or cyanoacrylate may be used in some scenarios. Special paints are sold for plastic modeling, available in a wide range of colors. Most kits will come with markings, providing things like airplane insignia, military markings, and other emblems provided as sheets of decals that are easily applied with water.

Other things you’ll need will include a hobby knife, paintbrushes, and perhaps tweezers or some sort of tool to handle small objects.

Details can be added to any model using a huge range of paint effects, washes and primers.

We have a wide range of accessories which are perfect for you to select from in order to have everything you need to assemble, paint, and display your model kits. Check out our Hobby Supplies for everything you might possibly need!

Types of Model Kits

By far, the most popular plastic model kits are modeled after large vehicles like airplanes, ships, cars, and military vehicles. Most model kits depict some sort of military vehicles from a wide range of historical settings, whether World War 1, World War 2, or current modern military equipment.

Model kits can not only be used purely as a display piece in a cabinet, many enthusiasts assemble their model together with other details to create a diorama. I diorama depicts a scene taken from a moment in time, usually a historical moment. The aim is to have the finished diorama look as realistic as a photograph of the same moment.

Alternatively enthusiasts use completed models for tabletop wargaming where a battle is recreated using a book of rules and normally a throw of a dice to play a game between two oponents.

How To Get Started

If you’re looking for a model kit to help someone get started in the world of model building, we encourage you to look around our site and find something you think they’d be interested in. We’ve got hundreds of model kits available, and one of them will be perfect for you. Please feel free to drop by and browse as we’ll be sure to help you out in finding the perfect model.

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