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WASP Flamethrower Jeep
MB Military Vehicle
The Ronson system was a flamethrower for vehicle mounting developed in World War II and used by the Canadian Army and the United States Marine Corps. The Wasp flamethrower was a continued development of the Ronson system by the British Petroleum Warfare Department. Having insufficient range it was passed over for British use but taken up by the Canadians for further work.The Ronson was sufficiently developed in time to be used for production of the "Wasp Mk.IIC" flamethrower variant of the Universal Carrier.
A single Wasp Mk.II flamethrower was adapted for use in a Ford or Willys Jeep by Popski's Private Army (officially No. 1 Demolition Squadron, PPA, a unit of British Special Forces ).
Testing of this prototype proved that mounting the Wasp flamethrower into a jeep was possible, but not necessarily practical due to the extreme heat and other hazards that the operator was exposed to.
In the end, it is believed that the type never saw service beyond testing.
136 parts in light tan coloured plastic; three parts in clear plastic; a length of soft vinyl tube; markings for a single vehicle.
Barcode # 4897038552290
Brand Meng

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